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Alchemy Trading Consultancy

In this section of Alchemy, we offer a consultancy service to trade on your behalf. We have discovered that many people are interested in investing into the cryptocurrency markets but do not have the luxury of time, knowledge or the experience in order to trade effectively and efficiently.

Before we are able to trade for you, it is vitally important for both parties to get to know one another and build an acceptable level of trust.

What is required for us to trade for you?

  • We will need to set up a meeting in order to meet up face to face. This ensures a level of trust and security so you know exactly who it is you are entrusting with your investment.
  • If a meeting cannot be arranged to meet up, then a Skype call will be set up between all parties.
  • There are two contracts in place. One for the investor and one for the trader that will need to be signed by both parties.
  • A minimum investment of 1(ONE)BTC is required for our traders to assist you.

What do you get?

  • Weekly reports sent by Alchemy and the trader who is assisting your portfolio – this will be arranged between the two parties.
  • Weekly, monthly or yearly profit payouts – again, this is the choosing of the client investing.

What we take?

At alchemy we pride ourselves in the ability to trade in the cryptocurrency market and we have highly skilled and intelligent traders to do the roles set before them. Alchemy will take 20% of profits only. Meaning, your initial investment will not be reduced or taken off by our commissions. Only profits that we make off the original investment, we will deduct when you decide to close the investment plan and take back your earnings. There is no additional costing to our services. We only take commission from you, thats it!

Contact us now via email, telegram or whatsapp and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. We are always here to help!

Welcome to Alchemy. Where your crypto journey is our journey!

Meet your Alchemy Consultants

Trevor Henry
Investing Consultant

Trevor specializes in day trading and working around the clock on growing his clients portfolio's. He will take good care of your investment.

Brandon Dienaar
Investing Consultant

Brandon day trades for many years now. He's excellent ability to turn small amounts of money into large profits is far beyond the capability you will find elsewhere.

Hendrik De Klerk
Investing Consultant

Hendrik has been doing day trading and Forex for several years and will gladly increase your investment. He's highly skilled and trained in the cryptocurrency market.