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What does Alchemy offer me?

Our goal at Alchemy is to teach new and experienced traders on how to trade efficiently and successfully. The biggest problem with trading is the countless mistakes you make. We have designed Alchemy to remove those clinical errors and provide solid information and trading strategies to help benefit your portfolio in a positive way. We provide everyone with the ability to learn on our platform. After you have learned enough, you can follow our signals and enjoy the rewards.

What does my fee cover?

The $84.99 covers the vast amount of information, signals and trading analytics that we receive from third parties. We have partnered up with many skillful individuals who have provided us with insane signals and information that will only be of benefit to you. The fee we charge you is substantial to the profits we can help you attain. There’s a saying in life “You have to spend money to make money”. After you join Alchemy, you will see the rewards before your eyes.

Is there a money back guarantee in the event that I am unhappy with the website?

Yes. If you are unhappy with how we run the site or the signals we provide and feel you have not gained at all by any of it, then we will reimburse you immediately for the money you have spent. All refunds are paid back via BTC or an Altcoin of your choice – so no need to wait 7 days. It’s an immediate transaction.

What is the bronze incentive?

Our bronze incentive is a referral program we offer all our members. Once you sign up and join Alchemy as a member, you will receive an affiliate link. If you refer a member with this affiliate link, we at Alchemy will pay you $40 once off per member.

What is the silver incentive?

Our silver incentive is aimed at providing our members with weekly and monthly giveaways and competitions. We like to reward our loyal members for the effort they put in. All giveaways and competitions will be changed on a regular basis and all Alchemy members will be able to participate. Don’t worry, there will be multiple winners on some occasions!

What is the gold incentive?

This is Alchemy’s pride and joy. It’s an incentive program that’s specially designed for our loyal paying members. To find out more about the gold incentive, sign up now.

Is my information protected?

Absolutely. We would never allow your information to be jeopardized on our site. All your private information is 100% secure from any third party trying to access it.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?

Yes. We use trusted payment gateways that have big reputations to uphold. We would never put our members at risk.

What will I gain by joining Alchemy?

At Alchemy we strive to train new and experienced traders on how to trade efficiently, wisely and disciplined. We teach you right from the basics on everything about cryptocurrency. We are also going to be implementing future courses in our Alchemy Website to allow you to join us in live seminars and 1 on 1 classes to further help you gain all the knowledge that we can possibly teach you. We also have live day trading signals for all to use. These include bitmex leverage signals and altcoin signals.

Who is the team behind Alchemy?

At Alchemy, we have a very dynamic and intellectual team of business representatives, cryptocurrency fundamentalists and technical traders. Our three main team leaders are Trevor Henry, Travis Lovell and Brandon Dienar. They are the CEO’s of Alchemy and the pioneers behind the website. We have a big team behind Alchemy, ready to make your life in crypto a lot easier.

Is Alchemy offering any careers?

Yes. If you think you are skilled enough to chart for us, trade for us or write for us. Let us know. We are always looking to expand our team.